What is the Automotive Repair Assistance Program (ARAP) ?

ARAP is a program that will help provide minor vehicle repairs and maintenance to single parents, seniors, veterans, homeless, or persons in financial need. 

What does it cost?

Meraki Mechanical will do the repairs at no cost. If replacement parts are needed, you will need to pay for the parts.  We will try to give you an estimate on how much the parts will cost before you bring in your vehicle. 

What if I can’t afford to buy parts?

If you don’t think you can afford the parts, we can discuss alternatives.

When can I book in my vehicle?

We will be offering the ARAP one weekend each month.  Appointments are on a first come-first serve basis. 

How do I get an appointment?

Call 778-517-1501 or stop by our office during business hours to apply.  

All information collected will be kept private.